Things I Achieved in 2017

2017 threw a lot at me. A lot that I didn’t think I’d cope with as well as I have. But it’s also been a year of achievements and progression.

  1. I stopped taking shit from other people. When I started this year I was getting shit from other people from a lot of various angles. So I put a stop to it. I quit my job where my manager was over working us (working from 7am till 3/4pm with often no lunch break, or 20 minutes if we were lucky – bearing in mind it was a packed restaurant/cafe where you were constantly moving), I cut off people both on purpose and accidentally (collateral but you got to do what you got to do) & I started standing up for myself more against people.
  2. I over came a lot medically. I had a kidney biopsy in March, then ended up but in A&E with suspected internal bleeding. I started a new job about a month after & worked whilst learning about my disease & preparing for other stuff, such as my mums upcoming operation.
  3. I got into university. I had my heart set on getting into one of the top London medical universities to study a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy and despite people trying to put me down, I got in & I’ve been really enjoying it since I started in September.

Although it might not seem like much to others, to me I feel as if although its been a shit year, I’ve also matured and achieved a fair bit as well

Things I Achieved in 2017

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