Urban Decay Illuminated Highlighter

Sorry for not posting for a while, college has been a bit hectic with deadlines as well as preparing for a national grading for karate, but now its almost all sorted, here is a blog post! I’m going to attempt to do blogmas for you all so keep watching this space!

After seeing this on Twitter I wanted to buy it and see what it was like. I wanted to get the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit but it costs too much to import to the UK so I thought I would try this one first. It cost me £22 and took about a week to turn up in the post, and having read the reviews on it I was really excited to get it. I love a bit of good highlight and had been using a mix of Sleeks contour palette highlighter and a £4 MUA one. When this one turned up I was so excited to use it and couldn’t wait to do my make up the next morning. However I found the brush it came with didn’t pick up any product and since I don’t have a fan brush I ended up using my finger to apply it. Its also very glittery… to the point that my boyfriends face usually ends up covered in it too when I use it!!

I think despite the glittery side of it, it is a good highlighter, its subtle but I think when caught in the right light it could look really good, I personally prefer less glittery make up especially when it comes to highlighter, although I do think its a good product. You get a lot of product for the price and its very pigmented so it is definitely worth a try.

Urban Decay Illuminated Highlighter

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