Autumn/Winter Yankee Candles

I have a slight obsession with candles and always have done, it might just be because I love the smells and how homely they can make a place feel, or it could also be partly because my dad had a strict no candle rule which I bent into a no lighting the candles rule at about sixteen. Since then my collections grown from a Β£3.00 jelly bean candle, to a decent sized collection of Yankee Candles & melts. I previously purchased Season of Peace (I love), Cinnamon (decent but not a strong scent when burning), Christmas Memories (I love but very sweet smelling) and Home Sweet Home (also a love).

This time I brought one candle and two melts, I’m currently burning one melt as we speak. These were the Ebony & Oak melt, which is a really homey scent which I can’t wait to use, its perfect for those evenings after a bath with dim lighting to get your room feeling and smelling cosy. I’m looking forward to using this melt soon! I also purchased the Spiced Orange melt because it has sweet tones with out being sickly sweet, its also got a zingy undertone which I really like. I feel this one is perfect if your like me and aren’t overly keen on too sweet of a scent yet want to get in the christmassy/wintery mood.

The last one I purchased was a candle and this was the Red Apple Wreath candle. I took a bit of a gamble, hoping it wasn’t too sweet, however this is a perfect candle if again you dont like anything overly sweet smelling. It looks gorgeous too with dark red wax, I brought this in the tumbler because I prefer the look of those to the jars.

Whats your favourite Yankee Candle scent? Let me know in the comments below so I know what other scents to try!!

img_0813Β  Β Β img_0804

Autumn/Winter Yankee Candles

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