Goals for 2018

I have a few goals set for myself this year which I’m hoping and believing that I can easily achieve.

  1. Get fit again. I used to do a lot of sports, but this year a lot of that fell through due to various reasons. My aim next year is to start cycling more again and do some more races, as well as start back at karate and work towards my next belt
  2. Eat healthy. Due to my kidneys I’m supposed to have low salt foods and because of my IBS I have to avoid dairy and cheese, so this year I’m planning on nailing my eating and sticking to a low-salt, no dairy diet
  3. Learn my anatomy. Some advice from our second year students was to make sure we are pros at anatomy, so my aim this year is to nail it and know as much as I can for second year
  4. Save some money. I want to save some money as I who doesn’t. But I’m really going to work on this, setting myself a monthly budget and allowance that I can’t go over to hopefully allow me to save some
  5. Make memories.Β I’m planning on being a lot more social this year and making the effort to go out and see people as well as obviously travelling, I have snowboarding in Italy already booked, a holiday with my parents to somewhere near Cornwall as well as a holiday with my boyfriend that I still need to confirm dates on etc. I’m planning on taking lots of pictures and enjoying every minute of it all
  6. Finish a bullet journal.Β I’m going to attempt a bullet journal this year to track my studies, medical things, gym work outs and money etc to hopefully help me keep on track of everything like that, so hoping I don’t forget about it again

They are all my goals for 2018 so we will see if they work or not!

Happy New Year!! x

Goals for 2018

Things I Achieved in 2017

2017 threw a lot at me. A lot that I didn’t think I’d cope with as well as I have. But it’s also been a year of achievements and progression.

  1. I stopped taking shit from other people. When I started this year I was getting shit from other people from a lot of various angles. So I put a stop to it. I quit my job where my manager was over working us (working from 7am till 3/4pm with often no lunch break, or 20 minutes if we were lucky – bearing in mind it was a packed restaurant/cafe where you were constantly moving), I cut off people both on purpose and accidentally (collateral but you got to do what you got to do) & I started standing up for myself more against people.
  2. I over came a lot medically. I had a kidney biopsy in March, then ended up but in A&E with suspected internal bleeding. I started a new job about a month after & worked whilst learning about my disease & preparing for other stuff, such as my mums upcoming operation.
  3. I got into university. I had my heart set on getting into one of the top London medical universities to study a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy and despite people trying to put me down, I got in & I’ve been really enjoying it since I started in September.

Although it might not seem like much to others, to me I feel as if although its been a shit year, I’ve also matured and achieved a fair bit as well

Things I Achieved in 2017

Copenhagen Trip

There is nothing better than a short city break, and this year my boyfriend and myself jetted off to Copenhagen in Denmark. Its easily one of the best countries I’ve been to so far.

Where we stayed was right opposite Copenhagen Central Station so travel to and from the airport wan’t a problem as there is a train there and back. We didn’t get the train much as everything was with in walking distance. We could see Tivoli gardens from our hotel room and it was a three minute walk down the road to it. We literally walked pretty much every where. There was a free shuttle bus to the Carlsberg brewery which also stopped at the Zoo, but you can also get a train just as easily if needed.

The zoo was my aim and we got the shuttle there on the second day. They had so many amazing animals, they had a polar bear who was loving doing backstroke in the water, flamingos, camels, zebras and hippos and it has to be hands down the best zoo ever. All the animals were active and doing stuff (apart from the bear who was hibernating) Β but the wolves were running laps and the artic foxes were curious about us – it was all just amazing!!

Tivoli gardens was amazing, we didn’t do any rides as I cant go on them due to medical reasons but I did get a stick of candy floss bigger than my head & I fully recommend these sugar coated nuts they sell which were amazing!! I can’t remember what their called but they were like heaven. We also got a pizza where she folded it in half, grilled it and then served it and it was the best! The hot chocolate is also amazing too!

I didn’t rate Carlsberg brewery to be honest…. it was very short and we got round it in like forty minutes…. although you do get a free gift and drink token, but there was no one in the gift shop when we were there and gave up waiting for someone. Their shuttle also stops at 2.30 which we didn’t realise so we ended up getting the train back.

The little mermaid is a nice walk and originally we were going to walk through Nyhaven to the mermaid, but I had a funny turn at breakfast so we ended up getting the train there. It worked out really well though because its such a nice walk to the mermaid, and you can then follow the river back into Nyhaven and back into central Copenhagen.

One thing I would say if you go in the winter (we went in December) is to wrap warm and take thermals if you have them. I wore leggings under my jeans, a thick winter jumper, a fur lined coat (fake fur) with a hat and gloves and was fine. My boyfriend on the other hand who was lacking double leg wear was a bit colder.

Copenhagen Trip

First Term Tips

I knew university was going to tough and not exactly a walk in the park, but no one really tells you how much shit hits the fan at times, so here are some tips to help.

  1. dont head out and buy all the books they recommend. This may not be the same for every uni but mine merges some of our lectures with bio-meds and medics, so in a lot of our first lectures they each recommended a book, which I promptly went out and brought. Rookie mistake as I’m now trying to sell them because we didn’t need them for our course.
  2. be prepared. This may sound stupid but I don’t mean print the slides off and thats that. I personally type mine out so I’m taking in the information and only have to take the odd note in lectures. But also try and answer your learning objectives, make a word document just for LOs and type them all there. This will help when making a study guide.
  3. Study everything you cover at the end of every week or month. Depending how many lectures you have a week, study what you learnt either at the end of the week or the end of the month just to make sure that information has sunk in.
  4. make time to relax. Another thing that seems obvious but also impossible. Make sure you have a few hours a day to yourself, no matter if its just spending time cooking a meal and watching a film or having a bath. Do it.
  5. study groups are life savers. You dont have to do it for every study session but every now and then its good to study with someone else and bounce things off each other
  6. use online resources. I personally use quizlet, its something a lot of people in my uni use and you can get it on your phone or your laptop and not only can you find revision but you can make your own in the form of flash cards, written revision, diagrams all types and it then tests you on it once you put in the information. The app is super handy when travelling as well to squeeze some revision in.
  7. socialise. I’m super bad at this because I get tired so easily but you really should try to attend as many social things as possible. My class have started a curry club where we all go out for a curry every other month or so just as a social get together as well as the SU bar on a Friday. My aim for the new years is to actually attend more of these and not give in to being tired.


First Term Tips

Pros and Cons of short hair

Having just cut about ten inches off my hair, I thought I’d do a pro’s and cons of my decision…


  • Its easier to brush and less knotty
  • looks nice down and less like I’ve been dragged through a bush
  • Its good for warm weather…. yet I cut mine in time for winter… (possible con)
  • It uses less shampoo and conditioner to maintain


  • I cant pull it into a pony tail…. which has led me to discover I hate having my hair down…. I want my hair long enough to tie up with a thousand kirby grips….
  • Its harder to style…. I’ve been looking at hair styles for the christmas ball and my dads surprise birthday party… but theres nothing
  • Its not winter friendly. My neck has never been so cold…
  • Its also kind of annoying how it keeps slipping down the back of my coat

Although I don’t fully regret cutting my hair short, it has made me realise a few things like the fact I actually really love just shoving my hair in a pony tail. I am definitely growing it out but I am glad I cut it short.

check out my new YouTube video showing my hair from long to short!

Pros and Cons of short hair

Autumn Tag

Sorry for being absent for so long, my dad canceled our internet and they cut us off three weeks early. So to make up for it, here is an Autumn tag for you all!

1) What signifies the start of autumn to you?Β 

For me its when the leaves start going that really pretty orange/red colour and it gets that little bit chillier and you can pull out the warm coats and hats.

2) Best way to spend a rainy day?

Either at home watching a film in my pyjamas with some candles lit, or if I’m really in the mood I like going to a coffee shop and sitting inside by a window with a nice mug of tea with a walk once the rains stopped a bit.

3) Your most fond autumn memory?

When my rescue dog first saw leaves on the floor. He was so confused but loved trying to chase the leaves if you threw them in the air!

4) Favourite fall scent?

Anything earthy or like with a hint of spice like spiced apples…

5) What are you most excited for this fall?

Getting to wear hoodies all the time and my new coat (post on my new coat coming soon!)

6) Favourite autumn song?

I don’t really have a favourite autumn song but recently I’ve been loving Noah CyrusΒ Almost Famous and Ed SheeransΒ Galway Girl

7) Favourite autumn movie?

Again I don’t really have a favourite autumn movie but I my favourite film has to be phantom of the opera so that is one that’d straight away put on.

8) What TV shows are you looking forward to this fall?

STRANGER THINGS 2! I have already binged it once and I’m about to do it a second time, its actually amazing and about the only show I will fully dedicate time to watching

9) Favourite autumn colour?

Red/Brown colours and also oranges

10) Favourite fall fashion trend?

Oversized hoodies. Its my go to, especially on days where I’m not 100% and feel a bit drained. Its simple but still looks okay.

11) Your most loved outdoor fall activity?

Going for walks. I love going for a good walk with my dad or my boyfriend and just getting to be outside, drinking tea and chatting.

Autumn Tag

Favourite Things About Autumn

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 17.13.42

Autumn is by far my favourite season, its the time of having Lush baths, candles, books and hot chocolates with the log fire going. I don’t think that there is anything I prefer better than snuggling on the sofa under a blanket with a cup of tea or hot chocolate watching a film or reading a book (my autumn book list will be up soon as well!!)

One of my personal favourites is going for walks or cycle rides through the woods, where the leaves are starting to fall and it just smells so fresh. Nothing beats some of the views you’ll spot or having some coffee and cake after a nice walk or cycle.

My second thing is all the autumn scented things that come out (body shop vanilla pumpkin body wash & moisturiser is my life right now). Theres never a more perfect time to light some candles and smother yourself in scented moisturisers before getting into some fluffy pyjamas.

The third thing is how fresh the mornings are. This is normally something a lot of people hate but I love the colder weather and how refreshing it is to walk through in the morning, it really wakes you up I feel. Also makes you appreciate the warmth of the bus when you finally get on it!

Getting to layer clothing. Jumpers and leggings with fluffy socks and hoodies just so many ways to layer clothes and its the perfect weather for wearing both a hoody and a leather jacket! And don’t forget getting to wear hats finally and gloves and scarves!

Reading a book after a bath. Nothing beats reading a good book after a nice bath, especially if you reading via fairy lights draped in your room all snuggled under a thick duvet and blanket.

Thunderstorms. I’m a total sucker for thunderstorms, if its raining then you can guarantee Im wrapped in a blanket and hoody reading in the conservatory where I can hear the rain hitting the roof. Its also the perfect time to put some logs on the fire and cosy the place up!

Whats your favourite things about autumn?

Photos are mine.
Favourite Things About Autumn